Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing

What we do

For years we have been using our experience and the latest technology in order to help customers turn their furniture designs into reality promptly whilst still making money.

Use Many Materials

We use a wide variety of materials to manufacture furniture and when quoting we suggest the most suitable materials for the application whilst taking into account customer’s preferences. Normally we use a combination of hardwoods and MDF to achieve the best performance of all materials.

Manufacture Sustainably

Most materials we use are from sustainable sources i.e. Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Beech, Walnut, in both solids and veneers. More exotic materials are available in limited quantities sometimes only in veneers to make them more sustainable i.e. Rosewood, Ebony Makassar, Wenge, Zebrano etc.

Use Timber Characteristics

Each timber has its own grain and natural colour characteristics- For example Oak is a course and open grain with a green to yellow background colour. Cherry is a close grain timber with a distinctly reddish, pink, background colour. With modern dyes timbers can be coloured to suite customers requirements.

Make Cleaning Easier

The furniture is protected by a lacquer finish and therefore should not require any further treatment. Furniture should be cleaned with a mop to remove any large or gritty debris and the surface wiped clean with a lightly damp lint-free cloth. Polish is unnecessary.

Provide many Colours and Finishes

We provide a wide range of finishes, both wood and painted with colours to match customer’s requirements or samples. We provide a sample service although this is very time consuming and expensive. It is quicker to provide the furniture if the finish is of a standard colour or a colour regularly used. References also make this procedure quicker, ie RAL colours or chart colours from other manufacturers.


We do quite a lot of upholstery work you can see some upholstery examples here.

If you want a modern manufacturer to help you give us a call on 01953 884333

4-door display cabinet with mirrored back, concealed lighting in Walnut with Burr Walnut and Maple panels to lower doors
4-door display cabinet with mirrored back, concealed lighting in Walnut with Burr Walnut and Maple panels to lower doors other examples…

Due to customer confidentiality we can't show many examples of completed pieces. But here are some of the materials we use.

Lace wood
Satin wood
stainless steel
Stainless steel
piano black
Piano black